Support stockings can prevent blood clots during pregnancy

Varicose veins and blood clots are problematic injuries which we may all experience, but office workers, pregnant women and frequent travellers are particularly exposed to them. These injuries are often the result of a poor flow of blood and fluids and should be prevented by everyone at increased risk.
Support stockings are specifically designed to prevent leg injuries by applying pressure to the legs, which improves the flow of blood cells and ensures that lactic acid and waste products are carried away quickly. The effect is useful if you sit down for long hours, and especially if you are also engaged in activities that are particularly demanding for your legs such as running which is very hard on your knees, Achilles tendons, shins and ankles.
A good blood flow is necessary in order for the body to quickly and effectively recover and rebuild itself – a fact that the majority of Danes should consider as many of us sit behind a desk for long hours when we are at work.
Support stockings are often referred to as ”running socks” because, fortunately, many people use them when they implement their New Year’s resolution of starting to run. Many of us strain our legs when we embark on our running career as we are often very eager to get started.